Masseria Posta Santa Croce

Masseria Posta Santa Croce

Years of abandonment had led the farm cottage to a situation of extreme degrade. The place had been abandoned by the owners since 1907 and the building had started to decay like a dead body. Vandals and burglars completed the work, ruining the rooms and stealing steps, pavements, statues, columns, fixtures and coats of arms. The family coat of arms, on one of the outside fronts, was stolen in the eighties and was casually found in an antique shop in Tuscany.

The renovation works started in 2011, in total respect of the former building.

From owners presentation:
“We shared this challenge with a pair of French stonemasons, Luc Tamborero and Gregoire Delau, coming from the training school of “compagnons du devoir” heirs of the ancient tradition of medieval corporations of arts and crafts.

The two stonemasons fell in love with the stones of Apulia, with its historical centres, its fortifications and Roman style churches built by their Norman ancestors and decided to move to Bisceglie.

We chose the compagnon’s motto : “Ne pas se servir, ne pas s’asservir mais servir” to honour the ability of this School to preserve the tradition of the most noble craftsmanship.”

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