Cesar 1 year between University of Bari and Ateliers Romeo

The Advanced Training Course “Cesar” Cours de Enseignement Supérieur en Architecture et Restauration) it is organized within the Postgraduate School of DICAR Departement, in order to create a new job profile that is a midway between management of the restoration yard (stone masonry, carpentry and joinery) and specialists who usually work to restore, protect and develop architectural heritage.

Educational Planning Activities

It is compulsory to attends classes: students must follow lessons including doing training exercises. The regular attendance in the class shall be verified and it shall not be lower of 75% for each course.

The exams will be aimed at testing students’ competences in order to acquire credits. The payment of the tuition fees, and the certificate of attendance are necessary to take the examinations.

Examinations boards are formed by teachers or in case of integrated courses, by teachers responsible for training which shall evaluate works.

The results of tests will be expressed in thirtieths (/30)

Description of Courses

The course gives basic principles of monument restoring applied to the ancient architecture, in particular it concerns stone buildings that require reinstallation of original fragments, also integrating with news elements to fix it with reversibility condition criteria.

The course gives knowledge bases to make surveys of architectural elements for restoring, included drawings of profiles and decorations. The survey shall be taken by handmade techniques, traditional systems and by laser scanner.

The course shows Greek and Romain construction techniques especially concerning stone architecture. During the lessons, teachers will show to students: ancient yards, the tools used for cutting stones in caves, the manufacturing of stone elements, different stone texture with masonry stone, different supporting systems, blocks lifting with construction site machines.

History and projects Teaching is focused on basilar notions of history and stereotomy techniques, from the beginning, analysed from construction’s point of view. In particular, lessons will focus on stereotom.

Teaching is focused on basilar notions of 3D variation-parametric modelling techniques and the use of CNC (computerized numerical control), rapid prototypes machines and manufacturing robotic.

Cesar’s strength are internships, during which, theory moves into practice, in accordance with standards practice. Stages will take place at Romeo s.r.l. and they will be preparatory for the masterpiece which every candate would achieve for final test.

Final Test
Final test, necessary to earn Cesar Diploma, involves an artifacts or masterpiece, made of stone, wood or ceramic to be developed during the course. The achievement of every masterpiece would be agreed between teachers and every candidate before the final test. It could concern the same topics of the Postgraduated School in order to create a connection between courses.

Conditions for the Ammission to the School
The admission to Advanced Training Course “Cesar “is reserved to those are in possession of the following requirement:

1) Master Degree in Architecture, Architectural Engineering and equivalent and precedent degree according to Interministerial Decree of 09/07/2009;

2) “Compagnons du devoir” school degree or equivalents;

3) Architectural Science degree, Technical Science and construction, Cultural Heritage,  Technology for preservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage and equivalents.

They are also admitted to the course, students graduated with degree that are equivalents to the new academic regulation, as estabilished by equalization table (Interministerial Decree of 5th of May 2004), being understood, the degree demanded and the degree got in universities abroad.

In the event of a degree have abroad, the Counsel of the School shall state on the equivalence, only for the admission to the school.

In such case, candidates shall fill the application and attach all documents concerning the degree (copy of degree, certification with all the exams credits), useful to the commission to take a decision. The abovementioned documents shall be translated and legalized by the Italian diplomatic and consular authority (according to nota Miur prot. 602 18th of May 2011- ammissions of foreign students to Italian universities)

Official languages
Italian, French and English are the official languages of the school


  • Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France;
  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM);
  • Romeo srl