FIRST post-tensionned staircase in massive stone

FIRST post-tensionned staircase in massive stone

We participated in all facets of design, engineering and construction of the Ridolfi staircase.  Carved from Italian limestone, it features techniques such as pre-tensioning in massive bloc.

We are very proud to be the first persons to be a part of this innovation in the stone industry.

This was presented in the “Venice Biennal of Architecture” in 2006 by Luc Tamborero and Giuseppe Fallacara.

Please find a portion of the calculations, studies and the first fixing systems during the fitting of this structural work.

Architects : Giuseppe Falacara

Study and drawings from 2005 at the University of Architecture in Bari (ITA) and th Ecole des Mines d’Alès (FR)

Three dimensional modelling

Interconnection with tetrahedrons


Pressure’ intensity

Strength of pre-tensionning

Result for pre-tensioning with load

We manufactured two staircases in Silver Travertine for a private home. The staircase was designed, measured, cut and accommodated in our workshops. It was then shipped and assembled on site (on the 4th floor). Each item weighed between 1 ton and 1,5 tons.

Ingeeners : Webb Yates

Architects : Jamie Fobert Studio