The Company, set up in 2013 by three associates, enjoys a modern and spacious working space in Trani, in South Italy, near Bari.
Ateliers Romeo srl is an innovative Italian start-up company specializing in STONE construction, intern design, and WOOD joinery. From traditional to historical buildings as well as new building concepts.
We have expertise in innovative and traditional stone construction, joinery, curtain wall cladding solutions for energy efficient buildings, and monument restauration.
We work for decorators, designers, artists, and private clients.
Ateliers Romeo srl collaborates with international Universities and vocational schools all over Europe, organizing training in our fields.
The research and development is a fundamental aspect of our company. Ours managers and employees are continuously looking for new use of materials and new technics, in order to increase new skills.
We develop currently constructions & models, ventilated stone and wood cladding, bio interior design using recycling products, technical structural solutions for innovative construction with structural engineers, flexible stone arch, unifying wood and stone, either in aesthetical than in structural meaning .

Board :




Nicolas is co-founder of Ateliers Romeo. He studied and worked at the revered French school Compagnons du Devoir as a Cabinet Maker. During his training, he created and delivered designs for prominent architects and decorators in France and abroad.
He moved on to become the director of the Training Centers of the Compagnons du Devoir, which allowed him to develop a European network and partnerships with vocational training schools. As legal representative of the company he is manager of Ateliers Romeo.




Luc is co-founder of Ateliers Romeo. He also is co-director of the vocational school Officine Culturali. With a vast experience in the fields of stonemasonry and technical design, he has worked relentlessly in international projects since 1994.
As our Chief Operating Officer, he relies upon his rich experience in vocational training operations, academic research of applied sciences and designs for private companies to work both in management and technical training.




A Graduate of the Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne University with a Master of Restoration of Cultural Properties and of R.L.I.C.C – Catholic University of Leuven with a Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites, Claire is co-founder of Ateliers Romeo.
She worked as Chief Restorer on prominent sites. Her expertise was called upon to restore historic monuments such as the 3 giant granit colossus featured in the exibition Trésors engloutis d’Egypte (2007, Grand Palais, Paris) as well as a number of international projects.

Drawings and management

Management projects

We are following your project on BIM, Revit, Autocad, Rhino and Grasshooper.

Our works are based on day to days reporting with necessities of the scope of work.

The designers team is used to follow your projects regarding your necessities.


Administrative departement.

Our Company can follow you project and projects helped by an administrative department to give you all security about reporting, transportation, documentation and contracts regardind your projects.


Our Ateliers

Our company was founded around craftman skills. Those skills are pushing up to innovations and chalenging ourselves…

15 to 20 high skilled craftmans are part of the team to guarantee your products and goods manufacturing.

We are producing traditionnal manufacturing by hand and also, CNC for wood and stone. Our team is working also on composite as PET tecnology, Honeycomb and metal panels.


Fitting for special projects

Our company manage the fitting of his work with own craftmans, and also work with other companies highly selected to reach the goal of the quality on your work.

Many projects cannot be fitted by another company than the one who manufacture it, because of the technologies used, insurance, complexity, …

Ateliers Romeo provide to build a team around your needs to give you the maximum of guarantees for your project.


Designers and Artists

We are always pleased to be in touch with talents and creative peoples.

We are trying to give the best service to designers and artists in the way to make their pieces very unic.



Our company was born as a Start-up, regarding this aspect we are always looking to stay innovative, grows new products, be eco-friendly with all materials and chimicals we are using for your project.


UHPStone and Stone Tubes

We grows for architects decorators and artists exclusives products for your projects.

Don’t hesitate to look at the website presentations and asks samples regarding your projects, we will be happy to value with you if we can be part of your projects with those products.

CESAR Course

Polytech Bari + Compagnons du Devoir + Ateliers Romeo

We grows a 1 year course, named CESAR,

This course is about architecture, restauration and construction technicnologies fro several manual works as : Stone masons, joinery and cabinet makers, metalworkers. Several projects was growned now by students , they are based on tradational and innovative technics and way of manufacture them following there creativity or antic methods.