Stone Tubes


The making

Our Stone tubes product is based on the research of Ateliers Romeo. Like carpentry, our workshops have created a product that can be assembled, connected, and adapting its diameter to your needs. Stone or marble can be selected according to your needs and following our advice.

The contribution of light and / or heat makes it possible to derive unknown advantages from the mineral material while benefiting from its natural inertia.
This is why this product can be very interesting in the context of a single use of stone.
Reinventing themselves through a material is the goal of this product which gives free rein to creators to reinvent everyday products.
Finally, the fruit of our research is controlled and secured in order to provide you with quality assurance through our workshops, our manufacturing process is protected by an international patent.



Stone has disparate mechanical properties due to its very nature, which traditionally require tests on all blocks according to the heights of the benches in order to guarantee the structural quality of the material selected.

Stone Tubes eliminates the need for these tests because we strengthen the stone, which gives it homogeneity using a high performance composition.

Stone is used as a facing material and composite as its structure. This set forms the Stone Tubes.


Pierre – marbre – terrazzo

Our tube can have different diameters to match the needs of your projects.

The nature of the exterior coating is an element that can be adapted according to your projects and with regard to an exchange with our technical office.

We guarantee optimal adhesion between the different supports over 360 degrees avoiding their delamination.

At present, our process is the only one on the market to ensure this adhesion thanks to controlled porosity under temperature and pressure conditions controlled in our workshops.

Central core

sourced organic resin + fiber

Our fiber is a composite that our workshops are able to adapt according to your needs:
– Rigidity
– Transparency
– Bending
The connection is also a primary issue of this product, we exceed the standards of capable blocks by assembling, by a unique technique, the tubes between them (by end to extend them but also in an oriented way). This system allows the Stone tubes to represent a monolithic product once assembled.

Implementation of the material


The Stone Tubes product is used according to the rules of the art.
We comply with the requirements of the standards and DTU in force for this type of work.

However, an ATEX can be offered to the control office, on the basis of tests carried out for the needs of the site.

The technical assembly solutions are specific to each project.
We can make several proposals so that they are as discreet as possible and respect the guarantees of security of goods and people. In appendix, our insurance related to the product.

We are currently producing elements up to 6m in length. The layout of the projects can therefore be done with elements of large dimensions.

Of course, we offer to support clients, architects and project managers in the design of their projects.

The treatment of the joints between elements is identical to natural stone, that is to say, they can be opened or closed with products compatible with the material.

An anti-graffiti or water-repellent treatment can be applied on request, according to the same recommendations as on natural stone.

Photo: Lelièvre Paris collection

Environmental aspect

What we guarantee

The product is 100% organic sourced.

The resin used, after extensive research and testing, is not a conventional resin used in the stone or marble industry, it is not classified as endocrine disruptor and does not contain styrene.
The use of stone is made, for bent or curved elements, from bent straight tubes mainly made from blocks unsuitable for sale. Consequently, 90% of the raw material used for our tubes is considered today as the recovery of industrial waste.
By using stone residues from traditional industry, production waste is reduced by up to 80%.
The “terrazzo” used for the coating are also the fruit of a reuse of the immense waste created by the industries, the conglomerate therefore comes from stones not used for sale following quarry extraction.

They also come from the recycling of our own consumption of raw material following the work carried out in our workshops.
We have developed a structural material that optimizes its packaging, the space occupied during its storage on site and during its transport.

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