Our factory has fabricated a new innovative product: a structural terrazzo called “Terrazzo 3D” . After the Bourse de Commerce restaurant, Ateliers Romeo manufacture a masterpiece in Switzerland following drawings and idea of RDAI architects.


Using its unique know-how, named Terrazzo 3D, which is representing a no joint terrazzo structure, our company completed a very attractive challenge proposed by the architects RDAI.

Terrazzo 3D, is an exclusive Ateliers Romeo brand. The terrazzo might be curved or flat and structural without joint.

We produce two staircases, the main one and another one, smaller, connecting R+1 to a half floor.

The main staircase is describing an “S” curve and it has a curved face under that closes the element. The terrazzo becomes a structural element that transforms the entire structure into a very light element, providing the requested strength thanks to our engineers know-how.

Architect : RDAI 

Engineers : Price & Myers 

Link to the press :

Le Magazine Suisse

Installation in progress

Furniture for VIP room