Stone tube

The stone tubes are an ecological and structural compromise in order to apply the stone in profiles tailored to your needs. Used for intern or extern, furniture or structure straight or curve… Stone tubes can be adapted to many situations.




The stone is processed according to innovations and eco-friendly processes specific to our workshops which give the material a lower carbon footprint, a calculable and certifiable structural reinforcement, as well as unprecedented performance: strenght, bending, fire resistance and thermal insulation…

Terrazzo 3D

The innovative application of terrazzo to build monolithic elements in your interiors. Whether resin or cement-based, terrazzo is processed in our workshops to create a cladding or structure that gives it strength. It is the accumulation of several technologies specific to our workshops that make 3D terrazzo a unique product.


It is a REAL bio-polymer, sourced from one of the largest biomasses on the planet (over 50%). In its natural form it changes colour depending on its origin (white, yellow, amber) and can be coloured with natural pigments.



Be your product

Our workshops have a research and development office located in one of its structures.

We research and develop products based mainly on the materials we produce, so that we can do without industrial tippers and therefore no longer produce waste.

This is how products such as the UHPS , Meltree or Stone tubes came into being.
The result of this research and development, combined with the demands and needs of our customers.

Finally, our production is “bio sourced” in order to offer our products with locally available materials and to meet our customers’ expectations.

By playing with materials, our products are the fruit of applied research since 2013.
Based on a strong knowledge of the physics and chemistry of materials as well as the know-how useful to the applications and stresses of the different elements we build, the resulting products often show an immediate relevance to our customers.

Our product applications always have a structural or decorative purpose, allowing each of our customers to find, according to their material code and their reading of the project, a common thread to appropriate each product and thus make it unique.

The origine

Our product applications tend to eliminate epoxy resin from our innovations altogether. Our goal is to create a clean product that has no contraindications for recycling.

Natural product

Stone – marble – terrazzo – wood

We work with dedicated collaborators to develop our products. From specification to engineering, our connections allow us to work directly with architects or clients developing products for their projects in a much more direct way.
Our product adaptations are currently present on all our projects to make our work more consistent with the aesthetic aspirations of our clients.

testing and core

our collaborations

As a result of our various research and design projects, our workshops have developed strong links with various test facilities and engineering offices across Europe so that we can monitor and analyse products according to the needs of architects and artists.

we have developed close cooperation with :
Price & Myers for our product development
Look Facade for the specification in innovation projects
Politecnico di Bari
Enea for testing research

Why ?

Story telling



















Our products are designed to be used in non-standard formats as soon as their development allows.

Our engineering department produces for our customers the test elements and other certifications and controls allowing to develop in a serene way the structural applications of our innovations.