Stone tube

The stone tubes are an ecological and structural compromise in order to apply the stone in profiles tailored to your needs. Used for intern or extern, furniture or structure straight or curve… Stone tubes can be adapted to many situations.




The stone is processed according to innovations and eco-friendly processes specific to our workshops which give the material a lower carbon footprint, a calculable and certifiable structural reinforcement, as well as unprecedented performance: strenght, bending, fire resistance and thermal insulation…

Terrazzo 3D

The innovative application of terrazzo to build monolithic elements in your interiors. Whether resin or cement-based, terrazzo is processed in our workshops to create a cladding or structure that gives it strength. It is the accumulation of several technologies specific to our workshops that make 3D terrazzo a unique product.


It is a REAL bio-polymer, sourced from one of the largest biomasses on the planet (over 50%). In its natural form it changes colour depending on its origin (white, yellow, amber) and can be coloured with natural pigments.