Arca console

2020, Noma

Console in travertine


M Le Magazine du Monde, France (15.02.2020)
IDEAT (22.01.2020)
RDAI x NOMA collaboration  (03.01.2020)
ELLE décoration, France (14.09.2019)

Arca console was designed by RDAI for Noma edition 



We manufactured this console using our Stone tubes and UHPS

Console in travertine made of UHPS © a technology used for shaping stone.

Arca comes in 3 sizes.

Arca console is a simple tray mounted on a base.  Subtle and economical, its design plays with architectural archetypes such as the arch or architrave but adds a dose of surprise. It is made of a single material: the remains of travertine stone. The thin tray and base in crimped stone are an original look at the use of stone in furniture.

Shooting time

Exhibition in Paris by NOMA

Manufacturing time in Trani

French Design award